Requirements for filing industrial designs in Ukraine

The following documents are required upon filing:

  • request for the grant of a patent;
  • set of photographs representing appearance of an article (pattern, drawing);
  • description of the industrial design;
  • drawing, scheme, chart (if necessary).

The photographs must include the following representations of the article:

  • general front view of the article;
  • left view,
  • right view,
  • back view;
  • and top view, if necessary.

The required size of the photographs is 18 x 24 cm, in some cases – 13 x 18 cm or 9 x 12 cm (for example, in the cases of small articles or their models, such as wristwatches, pocket lighters, microcalculator displays, etc.).

Six photographs of the general front view and two photographs of each other view are required to be submitted to the Patent Office.

Each variant should include a separate set of photographs.

If a colour solution of the article is one of its substantial features, the photographs must be provided in colour, or additionally to the set of photographs, it is required to file one colour photograph of the general front view of the article.

The Ukrainian law also requires filing of a description. If the original description is presented in any language other than Ukrainian, its Ukrainian translation may be submitted within two months from the filing date.

If a more detailed disclosure of an industrial design is necessary, the application may be accompanied with a drawing and/or a lay-out diagram of the article.

The procedure of registration may take up to six-eight months. At the same time the applicant may request accelerated examination.